Regular Expression Pattern: (include the delimiters)

Test Subject:

Help for Perl Compatible Regular Expressions, #4

This is a test form for basic regular expression matching.

This builds on the information in the previous version. The following table show the pattern modifiers that can be used to build the match expression.

TABLE 14.4 Pattern Modifiers
Character Result
A Anchors the pattern to the beginning of the string
i Enables case-insensitive mode
m Enables multiline matching
s Has the period match every character, including newline
x Ignores most white space
U Performs a non-greedy match

You can enter patterns and subject strings in the text entry boxes, and click the "Test!" button to run the match. The "Load Sample Text" buttons will fill some sample text values into the form. The samples show a few uses of the regular expression meta-characters, quantifiers and character classes described in the text. Feel free to modify the text in the pattern or subject string and re-test the expression.

If there is a match found, the PHP 'print_r' function will dump the array of matches.