What I'm doing

I'm participating in Boston PHP's PHP Percolate Season 6 virtual learning group to improve my PHP and programming skills. During the next 19 weeks the plan is to complete one chapter of Larry Ullman's "PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites, 4th Edition" book. Each chapters' exercise files can be found in the overview box to the right. The author's website for the book includes downloads, errata, and other interesting links.

What will I learn?

Overview of PHP, MySQL, SQL
Database design
Web application development

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PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites

Practice Files:

Script 1.2 - first.php - basic PHP script

Script 1.3 - second.php

Script 1.4 - comments.php - using PHP and comments

Script 1.5 - predefined.php - using variables and predefined variables

Script 1.6 - strings.php - using strings and variables

Script 1.7 - concat.php - concatenating strings

Script 1.8 - numbers.php, Using numbers

Script 1.9 - constants.php, use of constants in PHP

Script 1.10 - quotes.php, Illustrates using single vs. double quotes

Practice Files:

Script 2.1 - form.html - simple HTML form

Script 2.5 - form_v4.html - sample form using POST array, should not affect the result for a properly completed form

Script 2.6 - calendar.php, simple (but incomplete) calendar form, using array features

Script 2.7 - multi.php, using multidimensional arrays

Script 2.8 - sorting.php, Example of sorting arrays and displaying information

Script 2.9 - calendar_v2.php, simple (but incomplete) calendar form, using for loops

Script 2.P1 - calendar_v3.php, calendar form, with multiple selection of months. Pursue exercise

Practice Files:

Script 3.4 - index.php - Base page for a templated site design

Practice Files:

Chapter 4 Review questions - no other exercises to post

Practice Files:

Chapter 5 Review questions - no exercises to post

Practice Files:

Chapter 6 Review questions - no exercises to post

Practice Files:

Chapter 7 Review questions - no exercises to post

Practice Files:

Script 8.1 - display_errors.php, PHP file that generates errors.

Script 8.2 - report_errors.php, script that demonstrates error reporting

Script 8.3 - handle_errors.php, Script with error reporting function added

Script 8.3-live - handle_errors_live.php, Script with error reporting function added, in LIVE mode

Practice Files:

Content site index page - index.php, The example site

Practice Files:

Script 10.1 - view_users.php, Initial script to view users with edit and delete links.

Script 10.0 - index.php, test site top level, including View Users with sorting

Practice Files:

Script 11.1 - email.php, PHP email example page

Script 11.2 - upload_image.php, Upload files

Script 11.6 - images.php, List images for display

Practice Files:

Example Site home page - index.php, main page for the example site

Practice Files:

Script 13.1 - email.php, email script, with spam prevention measures

Script 13.2 - calculator.php, Cost calculator with data validation

Script 13.3 - upload_rtf.php, File Upload validation using FileInfo

Script 13.4 - xss.php, Script demonstrating various techniques to handle XSS atttempts

Script 13.5 - calculator.php, Cost calculator with 'filter_var' data validation

Script 13.6 - post_message.php, Post messages to forum using prepared statements

Review Questions - ch13_Review_Questions.html, Answers to Chapter 13 review questions

Practice Files:

Script 14.1 - pcre.php, Regular expression tester

Script 14.1a - pcre_a.php, Regular expression tester #2, showing metacharacters

Script 14.1b - pcre_b.php, Regular expression tester #3, showing quantifiers and character classes

Script 14.2 - matches.php, script finding all matches

Script 14.3 - replace.php, matching and replacing patterns

Practice Files:

Script 15.2 - test.html, quick test of jQuery, pops up a dialog box

Script 15.4 - calculator.html, Calculator form, using jQuery javascript to handle calculations, answer in popup

Script 15.6 - calculator.html, Calculator form #2, using jQuery javascript to handle calculations, errors and answers show on the page. Added init of results area.

Script 15.8 - login.html, Login script, uses jQuery & Ajax calls

Practice Files:

Script 16.1 - mysqli_oop_connect.php, Connect to DB with MySQLi class methods

Script 16.2 - register.php, Site registration using OOP functions, including check for duplicate email address

Script 16.3 - view_users.php, View the users in the sitename database, OOP version

Script 16.4 - post_message.php, Post a message to the forums, using OOP functions

Script 16.5 - datetime.php, Using the DateTime class

Script 16.5a - datetime_picker.php, Using the DateTime class and jQuery UI DatePicker

Practice Files:

Forum2 site index - index.php, Example multilingual forum site

Practice Files:

Example site homepage - index.html, Example site with user registration features

Practice Files:

Script 19.5 - index.php, Public page for the art store