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Artist Print Name Description Price
Salvador Dalí The Persistence of Memory (replica) One of Salvador Dali’s most recognizable paintings $100.00
Leonardo DaVinci Mona Lisa (replica) Famous painting $15.00
Bob Dylan Train Tracks Replica of Bob Dylan original work $75.00
Ken Haduch Amusement Park at Night Night shot of illuminated amusement park ride $30.00
Ken Haduch British bulldog a dog in London $15.00
Ken Haduch English Sheep Photo of sheep in the England countryside $25.00
Ken Haduch Maid of the Mist Photo of 'Maid of the Mist', Niagara Falls, USA $20.00
Ken Haduch Morning Mist Sunlight in the morning mist $15.00
Ken Haduch Niagara Falls Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, Canada, USA $25.00
Ken Haduch Summer Window Summer kitchen window $17.00
Ken Haduch Sunlit Orchids Image from Massachusetts Orchid Show, 2013 $44.00
Edward Hopper Nighthawks (replica) Reproduction of another well-known work. $99.00
Roy Lichtenstein Ohh...Alright... (replica) Example artwork by Roy Lichtenstein $65.00
Roy Lichtenstein Sunrise $45.00
Rene Magritte The Blank Page (replica) $78.00
Claude Monet The Walk, Woman with a Parasol (replica) $120.00
Claude Monet Venice Twilight (replica) Example of Impressionist painting $150.00
Edvard Munch The Scream (replica) A replica of the well known picture $55.00
John Singer Sargent Madame X (repro) $55.00
Georges-Pierre Seurat Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte A world-famous painting and the best example of pointillism... $35.00
Duke S Smith Ocean_Landscape A west coast landscape. $9.99
Vincent VanGogh Starry Night Replica of the famous painting $75.00
James McNeil Whistler Portrait of the Artist's Mother Replica of the famous "Whistler's Mother" painting $100.00
Grant Woods American Gothic repro Replica of famous painting $55.00

© Copyright Ken Haduch, 2013